I had a procedure done recently and found Dr. Hagström to be very honest, caring and took pride his the work he was going to do and during the actual procedure. I found him to be extremely competent in all areas and would recommend him to anyone.

Reviewer: private

I would highly recomend Dr. Hagström for any one needing a Plastic Surgeon. He is the best in the area for breast augmentations. Both me and two of my friends went to see him. All three of us chose him over the other doctors we consulted with. Great experience and I would do it agian (but I don't need it:)

Reviewer: Very happy patient

It's hard to imagine any one speaking poorly of Dr Hagström.He is one of the most competent and caring doctors I have ever met. He spent a lot of time explaining my procedure and was there for me through the entire process. His bed side manners are great. I really felt like I was taken care of with VIP status. The office is relaxing with a great staff. I give my highest recommendation. BRAVO!!!

Dr. Hagström is a great doctor with personality, and a lot of knowledge. He makes sure that his patients are well informed about the procedure they wish to undergo. Dr. Hagström made sure I knew and understood everything that was going to happen before, during, and after my procedure. He makes his patients feel comfortable and is very honest Doctor. He will tell you about the pros, cons, benefits, and risks of the surgical procedure. He and his staff are very friendly and are always available for any questions you may have. I highly recommend him.
Linda W. 5
After consulting with three other plastic surgeons I was most comfortable with Dr Hagström. He spent more time and explained not only the procedure but what to expect after surgery. He gave me an honest opinion of what I should expect. My results exceeded my expectations. Would highly recommend.

Dear Dr. Hagström,
When will I ever be able to make up to you the beautiful job that you did with my breasts??! Your gifted spirit allows you to bring out the beauty in everyone, no matter how much or little they have already in their favor. I feel so lucky to have been touched by your hands - I have been so fortunate that my heart has been touched by yours and will cherish this forever.

Love Always,

Dear Dr. Hagström,
I wanted to get a chance to say “Thank You.” You did a wonderful job and really spent the time to make me feel so comfortable. Also thank you so much for making time in your busy schedule and making everything work so perfect! You must make many people happy. This was something I have wanted to do, but was very scared as well. I am glad I listened to your advice and you made me so trusting in you. Thank you again, you are a wonderful man and doctor. I will be in the area in a week or two and will see you then.

Hope I can be in your book of perfect “Ds!”

Dear Dr. Hagström,
I just want to thank you for taking such good care of me before and during surgery. Everyone was so nice and made me feel comfortable. Norma and Susan are both so pretty and sweet and very helpful. And I just love my body now, I can hardly believe it's me looking back at myself in the mirror. I'm just so happy with the results and I wanted you to know you are the best!

See you soon,